Holster pistols, or horse pistols were used on horseback and carried in pairs in a leather holster slung across a horse's saddle. The Mantons, Griffin & Tow, H.W. Two pairs of pistols allowed for a second exchange of shots if both missed and the challenger of the duel was intent on continuing. They have small blade front and fixed notch rear sights. 15". Provenance: The Collection of Joe M. Wanenmacher Jr. Cased Pair of John Blissett & Son Percussion Dueling Pistols: Lot 332 Four British Prime Ministers have engaged in duels throughout history. Died aged 79. London proof marks and RW barrel makers mark. SOLD. He died on September 14, 1836, a poor and broken man, on the same day that the divorce was finalized. One of the most common varieties was having a set number of paces walked off and the positions marked in advance. Whatever its origin, the name Wogdon certainly has a funereal ring to it, and very appropriate for the gunmaker whose duelling pistols were to send many men to their premature deaths. John OSullivan and De Witt Bailey chart the life and work of the gunmaker known for his duelling pistols in their new book, Robert Wogdon, Wogdon & Barton, John Barton, London Gunmakers 1764-1819. The barrels were given a blued or browned finish to reduce glare. When his second wife divorced him in 1834, Alexander Hamilton Jr. served as her lawyer. A 28-Bore Flintlock Duelling PistolBy Wogdon & Barton, London, Circa 1800. 14.75"". Wogdon's duelling pistols were fitted with set triggers as a standard feature, so they cannot be regarded as "secret" devices that other duellists of the era would be completely unaware of. They, and the cocks, have raised decorative edges. Robert Wogdon made many and varied firearms pocket and livery pistols, double-barrelled pistols, sporting guns and rifles, carbines and blunderbusses but he was most renowned for his duelling pistols. He formally called upon the Duke either to give up the name of his false informant or afford him satisfaction. 15"". For example, if God was sure to choose the innocent, then he could guide a ball to the proper target no matter how inaccurate the pistol, but duelists sought out pistols by gunmakers known for reliability and accuracy, and some practiced shooting at targets to ensure their aim was true. 0.8 oz. For example, when the Duke of York was challenged by his nephew Charles Lennox when they were serving in the Coldstream Guards, Lennoxs Wogdon pistols from 12 paces at Wimbledon Common was chosen, and they were to fire upon the signal. 7626 Westheimer @ Voss, Houston, Texas 77063. Guns International #: 102054289 Seller's Inventory #: AH6306. Lot 1275: Cased Pair of Griffin & Tow flintlock dueling pistols circa 1780. Robert Wogdon (1734-1813) is arguably the best known and most respected maker of flintlock dueling pistols. Until the mid-18th century, duels were typically fought with swords. (10 cm); Wt. Committed to designing and building . Many of Wogdons pistols have bent barrels. More Info. Mary Eleanor Bowes was the richest heiress in England at that time. Stoney Bowes, not one to give up easily, appealed against Marys divorce suit but Mary eventually gained her freedom. They resulted in the deaths of two men from an illustrious American family just a few years apart. (22.7 g); glass bottle (f): H. 1 1/2 in. The victor is presumed to be the just party in the case because the divine would have chosen the winner. Spring Steel. Cobra Derringers are beautifully handcrafted with a wide range of calibers and barrel lengths that provides versatile and reliable service for a lifetime. As John Norris writes in Pistols at Dawn: A History of Duelling, Wogdons name has unarguably become more closely associated with dueling pistols than any other gunsmith of the period, and has come to epitomize these specialized firearms. Wood for Gunsmithing and restoration. Given the large number of cased pairs of his duelling pistols that have survived to this day, his production was significant. [3][4] Wogdon formed a partnership in 1794 with John Barton, after which their pistols were signed Wogdon and Barton. Robert Wogdon (January 1734 - 28 March 1813) died aged 79 and was buried with his wife Jane (died 15 February 1805, aged 69) in the chancel of St Bartholomew's Church, located on the outskirts of Buntingford, Hertfordshire. [20], The use of pistols in duels became popular in the United Kingdom, France, and colonial America during the mid-eighteenth century. That may have been one option, but it doesnt appear to have been common. Both pistols have their original iron-tipped ramrods with an attached worm at the end. [12], Pairs of duelling pistols can be easily confused with holster pistols and travelling pistols. Price: 28,500 Maker: Robert Wogdon Date: circa 1780 Each Pistol with 10 inch browned swamped octagonal barrel signed along the top flat, engraved with a transverse band of beadwork at the rear of the breech and with silver fore sight, case-hardened foliate engraved tang decorated with a band of beadwork in front of the rear sight . Colonel Lennox fired and the ball grazed one of his Royal Highness curls. Instead, the duelists should fire quickly. Nonetheless, smoothbore dueling pistols, generally around 28 bore (.54 caliber), were the weapons of choice by the late 18th century. If either party was injured at all, the seconds were generally expected to work to declare the duel was over. Pistol dueling was an associate (non-medal) event at the 1906 and 1908 Olympic games (see Olympic dueling). If you have comments or questions about this object record, please complete and submit this form. [2] The name Wogdon became synonymous with dueling, to the extent that duels in England were sometimes referred to as "a Wogdon affair". Gunsmith John Barton British. Where neither principal owned a pistol, then a pair might be produced to be shared. Hosted and Maintained by TwoPointZero IT. All rights reserved. SOLD. This supremely elegant target pistol is among their most accomplished work. To refuse to take part in the duel would have had the same result. A Continental Pin Fire Revolver. Much to everyones surprise, following the wedding Stoney made a rapid and complete recovery. The overall length is approx. Had Lennox refused to challenge the Duke, his reputation as an officer and a gentleman would have been irrevocably compromised. When it came down to staring down an opponent, many men put their trust in gunmakers like Robert Wogdon rather than divine intervention. Wogdon had apprenticed to the Irish gunmaker Edward Norton in Lincolnshire. [3][4] Wogdon formed a partnership in 1794 with John Barton, after which their pistols were signed Wogdon and Barton. RIAC believes that this website is accessible to the widest possible audience pursuant to the guidelines of the Americans with Disability Act. One of a pair of silver-mounted duelling pistols, the earliest Wogdon set with silver by Michael Barnett, registered on 29 June 1781. [21], Pairs of duelling pistols were often supplied in compartmentalised wooden cases along with a powder flask, rods for cleaning and loading, spare flints, spanners and other tools, and a bullet mould. The events leading up to the duel, the newspaper articles, the near fatal injuries Stoney had suffered, had all been a complete sham engineered by Stoney and Bate to trick Bowes into marriage, giving Stoney control over her huge fortune. https://www.metmuseum.org/art/collection/search/29592. Lock plates engraved Wogdon & Barton, having push-on half-cock safeties, semi-rain proof pans, and roller frizzen springs (one spring repaired). The actions on both pistols function correctly. Robert Wogdon, a gunmaker most famous for his dueling pistols, partnered with John Barton late in his career. Fate or divine intervention was a key aspect of the origins of dueling. Compounds and Solutions for Wood. More Info. Thereafter they quickly took over and after 1785 it was rare for a sword duel to be fought in London. The surviving Lennox pistol used in a duel with the Duke of York. No details as to the pistol used by the Duke of York have so far been found. At a meeting three days later of officers of the Coldstream Guards to deliberate on whether Colonel Lennox had behaved as became an officer and gentleman, the officers resolved: It is the opinion of the Coldstream Regiment that Colonel Lennox had behaved with courage but from the peculiar difficulty of his case, not with judgement. Soon afterwards Colonel Lennox resigned his commission in the Duke of Yorks regiment. 12.9 oz. As a result, duelling pistols with rifled barrels were considered unsporting by many, although there was no unfairness so long as the pistols were identical. The Wogdon pistols used in the Hamilton-Burr duel belonged to Hamiltons brother-in-law, Colonel John Barker Church. Tools and Accesories. Wogdon & Barton (founded by Robert Wogdon) was an 18th-century firm of gunsmiths based in London, England. SOLD. They loaded the pistols and the parties took their stations. The Critical Review; or, Annals of Literature, hot air balloons with blunderbusses over Paris, Duke of York was challenged by his nephew Charles Lennox. (3.8 cm); Wt. From 9mm to 45 ACP, find the best pistol for you. Burr challenged Hamilton to a duel. Lot 81: This historic pair of silver mounted H.W. Mortimer, and many other talented English gunmakers certainly manufactured incredibly fine dueling pistols and helped create new innovations in their designs over time, but Wogdon truly specialized in them. Pistols with rifled barrels spin-stabilize the shot when it is fired, resulting in much improved accuracy. (44.5 cm); D. 6 3/4 in. 1 lb. Standard flintlock pistols can have a noticeable delay between pulling the trigger and actually firing the bullet unless precisely tuned. Poem, Stanzas on Duelling, by an Irish Volunteer, 1783, began Hail Wogden, Patron of that Leaden death. E ach pistol with 10 inch rebrowned sighted octagonal barrel inscribed 'Wogdon & Barton London' on the top flat, gold lined touch hole, foliate engraved tang incorporating the rear sight, flat bevel edged signed lock with stepped tail and sliding safety, set trigger, figured walnut full stock, swelling flat sided butt, engraved iron furniture [3], In continental Europe, the use of smooth-bored pistols was considered cowardly, and rifled pistols were the norm. (30.3 cm); Cal. (39.4 cm); Wt. Whatever the eventual outcome, it was the expected duty of both the parties seconds to record faithfully all details of the duel, from the original insult, the issuing of the challenge to the eventual outcome. Travelling pistols, also known as overcoat pistols, were intended for use by travellers to protect themselves from highwaymen and footpads; unlike duelling pistols, they were commonly rifled. Such alterations would have taken place at some time after it left Wogdons shop. Somewhat reluctantly, Mary agreed and four days later Stoney was carried on a stretcher down the aisle of St Jamess Church, Piccadilly, to marry Mary Elizabeth Bowes, Dowager Countess of Strathmore. One Theophilus Swift was to write a pamphlet on the affair, taking the Dukes side. However, for at least twenty years before the BurrHamilton duel, English duelling pistols by all the top makers had been customarily fitted with set triggers. (6.7 cm); W. 17 1/2 in. The brown damascus style finish is . Instead of firing into the sky or the ground, aiming for a near miss would show seriousness and would appear to any witnesses to have been a legitimate attempt but avoid taking a life. His Royal Highness replied he should say nothing, after which all parties left the ground. Pistol: wood (walnut), steel, gold, brass, horn; ramrod: wood (walnut), brass, steel; case: wood (mahogany), velvet, brass; powder flask: brass, steel, leather; bullet mold: steel; screwdriver: wood (walnut), brass, steel; cleaning rod: wood (walnut), brass, steel; bottle: glass, Dimensions: This article about a company of the UK is a stub. The Burr-Hamilton duel pistols were originally in a very similar configuration to this pair. Are they bred or made? The relined case has moderate age and storage related wear. The poem later references him again and notes, "This death we lay not, Wogdon to thy blame; Cullum must have his fame as well as you. The doctors concluded that Stoneys injuries might well prove fatal. .36 in (9.3 mm); Wt. Robert Wogdon made many and varied firearms - pocket and livery pistols, double-barrelled pistols, sporting guns and rifles, carbines and blunderbusses - but he was most renowned for his duelling pistols. 2023 Rock Island Auction Company. [16][17] The famous fictional duel between Pierre and Dolokhov in the novel War and Peace was of this kind. One particularly deadly option for a serious dispute was to have both men stand a set number of paces apart, cock and raise their pistols upon command, take aim at another command, and then fire simultaneously upon the final command. From about 1790 firearms were generally fitted with mahogany cases, whose interiors were lined with green baize (woolen cloth) and subdivided into discrete compartments for the weapon, tools, and accessories. However, there is rarely any information as to the type, ownership or maker of the pistols used. Again, the affair began with politics. A PAIR OF ENGLISH FLINTLOCK DUELING PISTOLS by Wogdon & Barton, London The sighted browned octagonal twist steel barrels engraved Wogdon & Barton London, the touch-holes lined in gold with hooked breeches and engraved tangs.Set triggers. Churchs Wogdon & Barton pistols were used on July 11, 1804, close to where the young Hamilton had been mortally wounded. Robert Wogdon (1734-1813) is arguably the best known and most respected maker of flintlock dueling pistols. Robert Wogdon & John Barton Gunmakers, 14 Haymarket, 1795-1803. Estimated at $7,500-$12,000, these dueling pistols are beautiful, rare, and historically significant. 1.5 oz. The seven days having expired and no club member recollecting to have heard such words, Colonel Lennox felt justified in concluding that they were never uttered. One of a pair of silver-mounted duelling pistols, hallmarked 1776, with the first recorded use of the helmet and falchion side-plate. In addition to the renown quality of his pistols in his own time, Wogdon is arguably the most recognized maker of dueling pistols known today because of the pair used in the famous duel between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr that ended with Hamilton fatally wounded. This is famously represented in the book and film The Last Duel. Eacker had called the two young men damned rascals.. When a duel was fought with a single pair of pistols it was because neither duellist owned their own and the pistols were supplied by a third party. Hamilton did not elaborate but indicated his remarks were political, not personal, which would imply that Burrs honor had not been drawn into question. The top center of the oval has what appears to be some kind of bird figure and a sword. Nonetheless, Burr challenged Hamilton to a duel to repair his reputation. Remarkable design and engineering continues to mark out the British gun trade. However, for at least twenty years before the BurrHamilton duel, English duelling pistols by all the top makers had been customarily fitted with set triggers. Very good with more than half of the period refurbished brown, distinct Damascus patterns, and bright gold vent on the barrel; mottled silver-gray patina on the lock, gray and brown patina on the iron furniture, dark aged patina on the silver, replaced ramrod shaft, minor oxidation/pitting, and general mild wear. They, and the cocks, have raised decorative edges. The overall length of this pair of flintlock dueling pistols is approx. Duelling pistols are often single-shot flintlock or percussion black-powder pistols which fire a lead ball. The overall length is approx. The overall length of this pair of flintlock dueling pistols is approx. This pair is rifled, something forbidden by the 18th century dueling codes but that became more accepted in the 19th century, especially in continental Europe where it became standard. Its long barrel, measuring nearly twelve inches in length, indicates its intended use for targets. Colonel Lennox wrote a circular to every member of Daubignys asking whether such words had been used about him and requesting an answer within the next seven days, adding that no reply would be considered equivalent to a declaration that nothing had been said. A duelling pistol is a type of pistol that was manufactured in matching pairs to be used in a duel, when duels were customary. Click Photo to Enlarge Guns International #: 101363115 Seller's Inventory #: 190413 Category Antique Pistols - Flintlock Handguns - European Pistols Seller's Information By the time duelling with pistols had superseded duelling with swords in the early 1770s, the purpose had shifted from wounding or killing your opponent to demonstrating that, as a man of honour, you were prepared to risk your life to defend your reputation, or that of your family or your regiment. WOGDON & BARTON. [5] These gave the person using them an advantage over their opponent by reducing the amount of finger pressure required to fire the pistol, which greatly increased accuracy of the shot. Given both men had time to take deliberate aim, neither may walk away unscathed, and the chance of death was high. Lot 231: Cased pair of H. Bales flintlock dueling pistols. After he forcibly abducted Mary to the north of England, a warrant was issued for Stoney Bowes arrest. The Metropolitan Museum of Art. .38 in. Hamilton, Burr, their seconds, and a doctor met at Heights of Weehawken in New Jersey, a popular but secluded dueling ground, on that fateful July morning. Copyright 2023 All rights reserved. But you had never gained so great a name, In England had your pistols killed as few." [12], It is often stated that duelling pistols came in identical pairs to put each duellist on an equal footing. The breech plug tangs, butt caps, and trigger guards have decorative engraving. It has a dovetailed blade front sight, "Wogdon & Barton London" in script on top of the barrel, a gold vent liner, notch rear sight on top of the breech, "Wogdon & Barton" on the . Burr was never tried for Hamiltons death, but rather than revive his political career, the duel was its death knell. 0.8 oz. Many later pistols have heavier barrels and half-stocks while the early pistols are lighter and full-stocked. (3.8 cm); Wt. Graceful yet practical and perfectly balanced in the hand, they privilege overall formal quality and flawless mechanical work over applied adornments. Impact Guns is the gun shop for all your shooting needs. In Britain, the favoured type was for the duellists to stand still at an agreed distance and shoot when given the signal. Flintlock Target Pistol of Prince William Frederick, Second Duke of Gloucester and Edinburgh (17761834), with Case and Accessories, Gunsmith: Not all fine, antique pairs of pistols are duelling pistols, though they may be called so. Deloping was technically against most dueling codes as it implied the matter was not actually serious enough for an exchange of gunfire, but it wasnt uncommon. By candlelight it was obvious that Stoney had been seriously injured with three stab wounds to the chest. Colonel Lennox and the Duke, accompanied by their seconds, met on Wimbledon Common on the morning of 26 May.

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