Private Lessons

Personal and tailored. Your Instructor will chat to you about what you want to achieve and help you accomplish your goal. Whether that be long smooth carves, short snappy turns or just getting some confidence back on the slopes.

Performance Days

Fun and sociable. Join one of our groups and push your skiing with friends. There is a varied programme including moguls, piste performance, and tactics for of piste and deep snow.

Ski Tuning Workshops

If your skis aren't properly tuned you won't the performance that you are capable of. We run ski tuning workshops from the basics of waxing and edge sharpening, through wax selection, new ski preparation, and race preparation using the latest technology from Holmenkol.

Avalanche Safety Training

The beauty of the mountains has hidden dangers. Learn about snow, what happens when there is too much and where not to go. How to be safe of piste and the danger signs the professionals look for.

Ski Servicing

Sharp edges, fast bases. Without them the excitement drifs away. Our state of the art edging tools, high quality waxes from Holmenkol, Thermo-jomax hot box treatment and a loving hand finish keep your skis (or snowboard) in top condition.

Book a Lesson

Lessons are booked by contacting us via WhatsApp. Let us know when you'd like to ski with one of the team and we'll sort out the rest.

3 Hour Private Lesson


3 hours gives us enough time to work on a couple of things in your ski technique. We can really focus on a couple of areas of improvement and work with you to build your understanding and technique. We take a short hydration break halfway through.

2 Hour Private Lesson


Over the course of the lesson you'll work with the instructor to develop some drills and exercises that you can work on to make changes to your skiing. It's great for a confidence boost or as part of a series of lessons.

6 Hour Private Lesson


All day, really focus on you. Ideally let us know in advance what you are looking for, this length of time means we can do multiple video sessions, really nail the drills and have plenty of time to consolidate the movements and techniques and understanding. The 6 hour session will include breaks for lunch and hydration.


Our Manchester courses are inclusive of lift passes and coaching. To book on to a Spindrift lesson or course you must be of a standard to ski from the top of the main slope. This means that you should be happy turning on a blue run and using a button lift. If this is not you, we recommend that you learn with the Chill Factore Snowsports School. If you require accommodation Chill Factore is well located near the Traford Centre with a Travel Lodge and Premier Inn next door, or stay in one of Manchester's many amazing boutique hotels and take advantage of all the city has. If you have any questions, just drop us a line.

Head shot of Rowena

Rowena is an experienced ISIA Ski Teacher, Snowboard Instructor, and Alpine Race and Mogul Coach. She is an Instructor at Chill Factore in Manchester and in the Alps. She first started skiing when she was ten and wanted to be a ski instructor immediately. She raced slalom for MSR. She enjoys passing on her love of skiing and helping people to perfect their skills and have fun!

  • ISIA Alpine Ski Teacher (BASI level 3)
  • European Mountain Safety
  • Snowboard Instructor (BASI level 1)
  • Alpine Development Coach (UKCP level 2)
  • Mogul Coach (SSE level 1)
Head shot of Simon

Simon's an ISIA Ski Teacher with coaching qualifications both in racing and freestyle and also holds the European Mountain Safety award and has completed much of the ISTD award. He has been teaching for more than 15 years. He also spent many years working in ski hardware retail and is a trained boot fitter and ski technician. He believes that skiing gets more fun the more you can do. Snowboarding is his second discipline.

  • ISIA Alpine Ski Teacher (BASI level 3)
  • European Mountain Safety
  • Snowboard Instructor (BASI level 1)
  • Alpine Development Coach (UKCP level 2)