It’s rare that we find ourselves skiing with people of exactly the same ability as us. Many people find themselves trying to keep up with friends and family who ski faster than them (although not necessarily better in my experience!). The thing is that it’s not really how fast you’re moving over the snow that makes the difference, it’s how quickly you get down the slope that determines how long others are stopped before you get to them.

We can turn our skis so that they aren’t pointing down the hill, but by letting them drift sideways down the hill (diagonally ideally) we can keep our speed quite low but drop height all the time. Get this right and our path down the hill becomes much shorter, and so without speeding up and possibly getting a bit a scared we can give the illusion of speed.

See told you it was a magic trick, just don’t tell the loons that just straight line it down blacks 😉

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