There is so much to this sport we love, not least of which is pushing our boundries and understanding. Having your equipment in top condition and knowing the danger signs when you head off the beaten track are essentials to anyone serious about the mountains.

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We run ski tuning and avalanche safety workshops throughout the year, if you don’t see a date that works for you please get in touch. We can also give one to one training in your workshop at home both for hand servicing, and using machines such as the Wintersteiger Discman. Contact us for pricing.

Ski Servicing

A Wintersteiger Discman sharpens your edges, razor sharp. The best waxes from Holmenkol, fast running and chosen for your needs. Hand ironed, digitally controlled to ensure deep penetration. Horsehair brush to leave the surface smooth and silky.

Edge Tuning

  • Edge sharpening with Wintersteiger Discman to desired angle (extremely sharp and smooth finish)

Wax and Edge

  • Edged to desired angle with Wintersteiger Discman
  • Waxed using desired Holmenkol Hydrocarbon base wax (dependent on expected snow conditions)
  • Upgrade to Natural wax (biodegradeable non paraffin base wax) £2, or Ultra-hard ceramic wax £5

Hox Box Treatment

  • Base cleaned and existing base waxes removed
  • High quality Holmenkol hydrocarbon base wax hand applied
  • Wintersteiger Thermo-Jomax heated blanket clamped to skis to allow the wax to penetrate deeply into the base
  • Brush and polish
  • Can be added to any of our other services.

Race Prep and Tuning

  • Sidewall removal if required
  • Edge tuning to desired angle using Wintersteiger Discman ceramic
  • Base bevel set to desired angle with Wintersteiger Discman ceramic
  • Edge polished with Wintersteiger discman polishing stone
  • Edge hand finished with Diamond file
  • Base cleaned
  • Hot wax and scrape
  • Hand applied hydrocarbon base wax
  • Hand applied High Flouro race wax
  • Brush and polish

Please contact us to arrange getting your skis to us to service either by email or Whatsapp. We can usually meet you at Chill Factore or nearby. Pickup can be arranged from you for a small extra change dependent on mileage. No extra pickup charge for multiple skis or snowboards at the same time. Turn around is usually 48 hours.